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We’re YourNest, an early stage venture capital fund that provides you, the entrepreneurs, with a space to thrive and take your idea to the next level. It takes endless effort, craftsmanship, and continuous teamwork to build the perfect business, but not without overcoming trials. And that’s when we come in – from evangelists to ideators, business promoters and financers who will help you adventurous folk to guide you and help find your footing to co-create an exciting future.

India is innovating. Whether it’s the young college student, the enthusiastic office executive or the visionary management honcho – all itching to move from their confines to start-up mode. This innovation is critical to economic change as it often creates temporary monopolies, allowing abnormal profits. This is what YourNest aspires to sow and reap.

India’s start-up ecosystem has responded to the demand of these innovators. It is reflected in rise of accelerators and incubators, creation of co-working spaces, and successful exits.

We invite entrepreneurs, who have attracted talent and are ready to scale-up and accelerate their ventures, to get it on the fast-track.

Who we are

We are an early stage venture capital fund. We invest in businesses that are built on vibrant and new ideas, enabled by path-breaking use of technology.

Our Focus

Building an ‘enterprise’ for successful strategic exit. For this, we identify first-generation entrepreneurial teams and liberate them, to fulfil their dream.

Our Thesis

To engage with YourNest, the idea must be translated into a product or service and have customer validation.

Currently, more than 150 entrepreneurs and professionals have participated in the first fund of YourNest. The investors’ experience spans industries like Telecom, Information Technology, Infrastructure, E-Commerce, Financial Services, Private Equity, FMCG, Education, Automobiles, Manufacturing and Consulting.

The current portfolio of start-ups run by investment managers can be found here.

YourNest is an Angel Fund that believes in ‘liberating human potential’ by investing in technology enabled, vibrant, new business ideas.

Angel Investors are HNIs who enable job creation by supporting bright entrepreneurial ventures. These angels are now playing a vital role in helping Indian entrepreneurs who are leading India’s march towards an innovation-driven economy – an economy that will compete globally by producing new goods & services, using the most cost-effective and technologically superior processes smartly.

HNIs have multiple investment avenues to deploy their investible surplus. These include real estate, equity/debt instruments, commodities/bullion, collectibles, currencies, hedge funds, private equity and venture capital. But once they have deployed reasonable sums in their preferred asset class, the next choice could be a Venture Capital Fund like YourNest Angel Fund, for a portfolio geared for earning ‘super-normal’ returns. They achieve this without having to face the daily ups & downs of early stage entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is on the rise with 60% of early-stage investments in the range of sub US$ 2 million. Such start-ups offer possibilities of 5x to 25x returns. India has a comparative advantage with its IT skills to lead the tech-enabled start-ups space. The connectivity and penetration of mobile & internet has built a strong platform for innovation, leading to encouraging deal flow in IT & ITES that represents 3/4th of the early stage investment. NASDAQ has consistently outperformed Dow Jones and in recent 5/10 years delivered 60% higher annualized ROI. Locally, BSE Teck Index has been doing better than broad-base indices and CNX IT is consistently outperforming.

Venture Capital offers higher multiple on investment amongst high return assets classes like growth-oriented Mutual Fund, Reality Fund, and Private Equity.

YourNest has seen the opportunity and has the passion to build the start-ups into significant, meaningful businesses. We are betting Big on ‘very few ideas’ as we invest with conviction and support start-ups in the areas of our expertise.

As a part of the vibrant early stage entrepreneurial market, YourNest receives an average of 75 new proposals every month – across industries and domains. They are a mix of product and process ideas, complex and simple constructs, audacious visions and opportunistic responses to market needs. The brains behind them are brimming with energy and optimism.

Each start-up idea, which reaches us, is studied thoroughly and rigorously. Meetings and calls are scheduled with the ones that have –

  • Potential: Idea serves a significantly large addressable market.
  • Proof of Concept: Crossed the incubation stage where the product/service concept has been proven.
  • Customer Validation: Customers’ confirmation of the idea’s usefulness.
  • Clear Roadmap: Ready with a Go-To-Market plan.
  • Leadership: Entrepreneur demonstrates integrity, passion, courage, resilience and focus.
  • Team: Complimentary, balanced talent pool – visionary, an execution champ, and a domain expert.

The start-up idea and the team, which interests us, is run through our evaluation matrix, comprising 73 parameters. At this stage we deploy a multi–tiered evaluation model. We consult our panel of mentors and the experts among our investors. Start-up proposals are referred to the investment committee based on our intuition and our ability to add value to the venture.

These parameters include –

  • Value Proposition of the Offering: Differentiators, entry barriers and sustenance.
  • Readiness for Go-To-Market: Existing customers and their feedback, sources of revenue, execution strategy.
  • Management Depth: Clarity of command, level of commitment (no hedging of bets).
  • Business Model: Financial viability, funding requirement.
  • Exit Prospect: Time and options for exit, expected exit valuation.
  • Risks: PESTLE (Political, Economic, Sociological, Technological, Legal and Environmental)
  • Valuation: Pre-money valuation, comfort with investor protection rights.

YourNest has an extensive network of associations within the entrepreneurial eco-system. The team shares their expertise and experience with start-ups and other stakeholders through partnerships and mentoring sessions. They have been eminent panellists at industry forums and debates, on the mentoring panel of incubators and accelerators and jury members for business plan competition.


Backing you are a team of mentors, investors and advisors.


You are amongst a host of tech-led, innovative and vibrant companies.