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YourNest is a pioneering, pre-Series A early-stage venture capital fund established in 2011 to support audacious startups building life-changing businesses. We strongly believe in the human capability and work with the dictum of ‘what is impossible today is routine tomorrow’.

We believe, too, that we are Challengineers: a team that actively pushes boundaries and engineers outcomes, standing shoulder to shoulder with our founders and supporting them with ‘Nurture Capital’. With an established network of professionals, innovators, business leaders, coaches and mentors, we offer the most enabling eco-system for any startup whose business is validated by customers. Our team prides itself in identifying committed entrepreneurs with the highest level of integrity, enabling their business ambitions and helping them scale for global markets. In June 2020, we exited Uniphore, one of our earliest investments with a healthy return for investors of YourNest Angel Fund, thereby achieving a DPI of 0.6x with a single exit. The fund continues to perform well with other exits lined up over the next three quarters.

At YourNest, we work best with tech-enabled startups focused on enterprise SaaS businesses especially in the DeepTech domain: Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Distributed Ledger Technologies, Cloud Offerings, Developer Tools, Robotics, Hardware, Industrial IoT, Robotic Process Automation Software, Wearables and Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality/ Mixed Reality.

Having recently concluded our fast-track funding program SOAR – an industry-first – we will be closing the fund-raise for our second fund. At the same time, we are investing in the first cohort of SOAR startups who will take wing as part of our Challengineering mission.

If you are an investor, entrepreneur or a young venture capitalist, do get in touch… we’d love to catch up.


The SOAR program, an industry-first fast-track funding initiative that was open from 1 May-14 May 2020 is now in its final stages where term sheets are being issued to shortlisted applicants.


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