On a mission to accelerate the planet’s transition to an all-electric future, ION provides battery management and battery intelligence systems to battery pack makers and OEMs that assemble batteries for EVs, Data Centres, Telecom Towers, Military Applications and more. ION’s offerings include: Battery Design & Emulation Software, BMS Technology License, Battery Analytics, Diagnostics, and Life Extension Software.

Exponent’s focus is to provide a recharging experience that is similar to refuelling – a natural fit for the fuel hungry logistics space. Exponent’s unique take is to provide a solution for OEMs that gives them full flexibility in designing the vehicle and motor, while they themselves handle the complications of the charge side. By offboarding the thermal and intelligence systems from a vehicle, they reduce the cost and effort involved in building EVs for India while also giving a clear USP in terms of rapid charging.

TWID (Fashalot) is a millennials’ payment app that aggregates and joins multiple loyalty/reward points. The app takes points from banks, retail and entertainment outlets, airlines, fuel stations, F&B stores and travel companies which enables consumers to seamlessly access and redeem them across any online and offline stores. The platform empowers its users to access all their loyalty points in one place, accumulate them and utilise them in the most meaningful and rewarding way.

KoineArth’s solution uses Blockchain to create a shared, trusted digital fabric among multiple entities, Mechanism Design to align their incentives & AI to recommend long term optimizations for the community. Its product [markets]N, allows for supply chain transactions to be recorded in a shared, secure, auditable ledger. Even though each organization can hold a private copy of records, synchronization & reconciliation are pushed to the underlying Blockchain technology. Every organization in the supply chain sees the same information in real time backed with an auditable trail.

KoineArth raises $1.8M in Pre-Series A round led by YourNest

UptimeAI offers enterprise SaaS that acts as a “Trusted AI advisor for plant engineers to achieve operational excellence”. It offers a solution to run plant operations efficiently and without surprises. Its artificial intelligence engine builds unsupervised deep learning models from past timeseries, failure, and maintenance data to differentiate good and bad operation. The software analyses the real-time operational data from the plant historian (sensor database) to generate alerts about impending issues. UptimeAI’s inference engine with built-in knowledge base of equipment failures and recommendations interprets alerts from AI engine and proactively explains and suggests mitigation steps.

AI-based startup UptimeAI raises $1.5M in seed round led by YourNest Venture Capital

Argoid’s Machine Learning-enabled ‘Autonomous Consumer Insights’ platform quickly learns consumer behaviour from customer-captured historical data and other third party real-time data sources to customise the results being delivered to end-consumers in near real time, thus boosting revenue through improved CTRs and conversion rates. Argoid enables digital commerce and streaming media enterprises to provide one-to-one personalized search and recommendations to consumers in real-time, without spending millions of dollars or multi-year efforts.

AI startup Argoid raises $1.7 Mn led by YourNest Venture Capital

Xpedize is a fintech company that provides a tech-enabled platform to improve upon the traditional forms of cash discounting models to eliminate its inherent limitations. It is Software with a Service (SwaS) that brings both Buyers and Suppliers on a common platform, where Suppliers offer dynamic cash discounts to receive early payments from their respective Buyers.
Xpedize offers improved profitability, supply chain finance, leverages technology, provides supplier finance, improve efficiency, dynamic discounting algorithm, and cash discounting.

Around the globe, an unprecedented amount of data in the form of video, images, text and audio is generated every minute. All this data cannot be sent to faraway data centers and, hence, it requires local, edge processing. For example, applications like live video analytics require high bandwidth data processing in real-time that would be impossible to send out somewhere else for processing. LightSpeedAi Labs is building LightCompute™ processors, equipped with LightSpeedAI’s proprietary high speed optical interconnects, which are capable of enabling high data throughput while being modular and low-power.

Photonics startup LightSpeedAI Labs secures funding from YourNest, growX; to invest in building MVP

The company is building an API that allows developers to build sophisticated chat/ voice bots for their business or domain with very little effort or Machine Learning expertise required. It plans to do this by empowering web developers to build state-of-the-art voice user experiences without having to learn the nuances of AI/ML technology used to build such experiences. Mauna uses a novel approach that combines Controlled Natural Languages (CNLs), Deep Learning and Ontology construction that allows developers to build more powerful experiences for their end-user.

Dozee is a non-invasive healthcare device which uses proprietary technology to monitor and analyse important body vitals, sleep and stress. Placed under the mattress, the device uses vibration signals to accurately track health metrics when the user is asleep and provides actionable data to take corrective action. Each device tracks vibrations from every heartbeat, respiration, smallest body movements and converts these into ballistocardiography to give daily reports of the user’s sleep pattern, body movements and heartbeat.

AI healthcare startup Dozee raises Rs 12.5 cr led by YourNest Venture Capital and others

Practically, (formerly known as 3rdFlix) is an immersive experiences company that uses the latest visualisation technology to make delivery of education highly effective. It applies the same techniques employed by film makers in creating visually pleasing and easy-to-understand content along with interactive simulations which are relevant worldwide. The company provides an end-to-end solution to educational organisations consisting of a best-in-breed content-enabled learning platform, lifelike VFX immersive 3D videos, interactive and experiential simulations and a robust, real-time assessment engine with built-in cutting-edge machine learning/AI.

3rdFlix, an EdTech VFX start-up raises $5M led by Exfinity Ventures, YourNest and others

Orbo is a disruptive visual intelligence company that harnesses computer vision and Deep Learning as core technologies for visual enhancement use cases. The company is dedicated to spearheading breakthrough research and development in these fields, so as to provide unique solutions for artificial intelligence applications and transformational visual perception.

Global Investors bet on visual enhancement startup, Orbo AI raises Pre-Series A round $1.6 mn.

Lavelle Networks offers an SDN networking platform that provides enterprises with distributed WANs – a scalable, secure, simple solution which results in drastic enhancement of Network Experience, Network Management and Monitoring. All users, locations and cloud applications are connected using the world’s simplest SD-WAN control panel, fastest network convergence algorithms and a true network-as-a-service experience. Lavelle’s solutions are designed for large enterprises and mid-size organizations that are using, or plan to use, hybrid WAN or cloud applications and are on the path to digital transformation.

YourNest Venture Capital leads $2M Series A funding round in Lavelle Networks

For architects and designers facing communication challenges, and for building product manufacturer brands seeking an efficient marketing platform to showcase their products, Trezi is the immersive bridge that connects them both. It facilitates real-time interactions with end-clients and positively impacts product discovery. By improving communication, collaboration and coordination, Trezi offers a real-time, immersive and interactive design experience by advancing the understanding of spatial design for all users.

YourNest, IAN Invest $1.45 Mn In Virtual Reality Startup SmartVizX

CredRight facilitates unsecured, collateral-free loans to chit fund subscribers. The company uses surrogate data, chit fund repayment history, CIBIL scores and other parameters of MSMEs and individuals in conjunction with financial data to build a holistic credit profile and then facilitate unsecured loans. Its mission is to better the way small businesses are funded in India. Backed by stalwarts of the chit fund industry and their partnership, the company leverages technology to bring collateral-free and hassle-free working capital loans.

Fintech startup CredRight Raises $1.3 Mn Pre-Series A Funding from YourNest and Accion


MIKO 2 is a conversational robot for young children that makes learning fun through dialogues. It is loaded with relevant academic syllabi, news updates, world facts and much more. Full of educative and fun games, Miko 2 can play music, dance, tell stories, riddles, rhymes and fun-facts and even do the moonwalk! It is equipped with an emotional intelligence machine to identify, recollect and remember a child’s moods, and grows with the child with every interaction. With its TeleConnect feature, it helps parents stay in touch with their child anytime and anywhere through video calling and remote navigation. A trusted little robot, with data encryption and strict privacy norms, the child’s data always remains secure.

Robotics Startup Miko raises INR 23 Cr From Stride Ventures, Angel Investors

CRON AI is building an artificially evolving, intelligent, edge platform designed and architected specifically to accelerate 3D sensor data perception processing and computer vision. The platform, called ‘SenseEdge’, provides high performance for perception and sensing functionalities that find end use in domains such as UAVs, automobiles, mapping, security and general surveillance, to enhance situational awareness.

CRON Systems Secures Funds from YourNest

Cove IoT (KaHa) is one of the very few global, smart wearable technology platforms with end-to-end technology capabilities that licenses its knowhow to traditional watches, accessories and apparel companies to support their transition to the connected world. With this domain expertise, the company is able to support the implementation of a digital consumer experience and product roadmap to accomplish complete product creation for its customers.

KaHa, one of YourNest’s leading Consumer IoT Portfolio Company, raises US$4.5 million to fuel expansion drive

TWID (Fashalot) is a millennials’ payment app that aggregates and joins multiple loyalty/reward points. The app takes points from banks, retail and entertainment outlets, airlines, fuel stations, F&B stores and travel companies which enables consumers to seamlessly access and redeem them across any online and offline stores. The platform empowers its users to access all their loyalty points in one place, accumulate them and utilise them in the most meaningful and rewarding way.

Fashalot Secures Pre-Series A Funding Led by YourNest

aahaaTech helps large and mid-market companies sell globally using DigiSell (an omni-channel ordering platform) and save costs using DigiProcure (an intelligent procurement platform). When a product is sold through multiple channels (stores, dealers, distributors, franchisees and institutions) DigiSell makes a difference by taking B2B orders online with customer-specific catalogues, pricing and promotions. DigiProcure is an internal private procurement marketplace that is affordable and accessible, enabling deeper penetration amongst its target customers.

Aahaa raises $1M from YourNest Angel Fund and others

pCloudy is a continuous testing cloud, in which developers can perform manual and automation testing in both android and IOS devices. It provides more than 5,000 device browser combinations allowing multiple devices to perform parallel testing simultaneously. This feature helps overcome device fragmentation issue and allows parallel testing (automation and manual) for devices with diverse combinations of specifications. pCloudy can also perform automation testing with the help of several framework integrations like Appium, Espresso, Calabash, Jira, etc,

YourNest leads Pre-Series A investment in Smart Software (SSTS Inc) offers an end-to-end autonomous AI product stack for Insurance sector to plug into and automate/augment expert decisions. It covers both solution and compute modules so that a business can plug in and use them as required to scale up adoption across functions. Arya is being deployed for multiple use cases including claims automation, fraud detection, trade finance, etc. at Fortune 500 companies.

Artificial intelligence startup raises $750k from YourNest

Thriwe (formerly known as GolfLan) provides acquisition, reward and engagement solutions across South Asia, the Middle East and South-East Asia. Its solutions bring focus on the entire eco-system of valued stakeholders who contribute to business growth: customers, employees, vendors and investors. Backed by innovative and customised tech platforms, Thriwe offers benefits across diverse categories such as lifestyle, airport services, health and wellness, sports and entertainment.

GolfLAN raises funding from YourNest

Momspresso is a platform with content created by, and for, multi-faceted mothers of today. The finely-brewed content on Momspresso provides answers to all parenting questions and also supports the journey of a woman. It enables mothers to express themselves in the form of text, video and audio through blogs and support groups. More than 95% of the content is user-generated and created by 12,000 mom bloggers in English, Hindi and eight other regional languages. The quality content attracts 30 mn users every month, making it India’s largest multi-lingual content platform for women.

YourNest Angel Fund Invests in Gurgaon Based Startup MyCity4Kids