YourNest is a sharply focused early-stage DeepTech VC fund from India. The first fund, that was established in 2012, raised US$ 14 mn and has several companies in the portfolio that have had multiple up-rounds and are on their way to a 5X+ return. Having completely invested this first fund, YourNest is currently raising its second fund of US$ 45 mn to invest in Indian start-ups with a focus on DeepTech, Artificial intelligence, IOT and SaaS.

The YourNest team combines what may well be India’s widest access to prospective investees along with a rigorously prudent selection process that enables us to stay true to our investment thesis of nurturing high-potential entrepreneurs. In addition, we give our investors transparent access and exposure to high-growth, under-the-radar tech start-ups in India.

In a country where entrepreneurship is encouraged but comes with its own challenges, the Indian Deep-Tech eco-system is rapidly evolving. As local Fund Managers, the YourNest team of five experienced partners operates as unified enablers who have become adept at spotting emerging enterprises, nurturing and guiding them up the ladder of success.

Our portfolio companies benefit from:

  • ‘Nurture Capital’ rather than plain ‘Venture Capital’.
  • Our ability to mentor and coach entrepreneurs of investee companies.
  • Our advisory expertise in key entrepreneurial matters: strategy, compliance, legal, secretarial, talent sourcing, etc.
  • Our network of corporates and individuals who can collectively multiply advantage for our investees.